How much are the coaches paid?
The Strikers of Gaston County Soccer Association is an all volunteer organization (i.e. coaches are not paid nor any members of the staff).  We adhere to strict volunteerism so we can keep the fees as low as possible while providing high quality instruction.  We want all of the selected players to have an opportunity to play, regardless of socio economic status.
But if the coaches are not paid, how can they be any good?
Whether a coach is paid or not does not determine their ability. All of SGCSA’s coaches are carefully screened to determine their level of expertise, passion for the sport, and their desire to instruct young players. This is a model dating back to the 1980’s when coaching for pay was not a factor.
In addition, all of our coaches have played competitive soccer either at the professional level, collegiate, select military, high school, or club soccer in their past.  They are also strongly encouraged to obtain coaching licenses and certificates to ensure that their continuing education and their quality of coaching are up to date. Simply put, our coaches are volunteers who do this because they love the game and enjoy instructing young players.


What do the annual fees cover?
The annual fees cover everything except meals and hotel rooms at tournaments.
When are tryouts?
Tryouts are typically in late May, so please watch the website and news paper for tryout announcements.
Who are the Hurricanes and who are the Flames?
Both teams are under the SGCSA umbrella. The Hurricanes are SGCSA’s girls’ teams and their colors are orange and white. The Flames are SGCSA’s boys’ teams and their colors are red and white.
What are the main levels of competitive soccer?
Academy (U9 – U10) – is for players ready to make the jump from recreational soccer to a more challenging level. Game results are not emphasized at this level; rather the development of players is the driving factor.
Challenge (U11 – U12) – This level is for players above the U10 age group (U11 and U12) that serves as a bridge between academy and classic, since classic is the most competitive level.  Games are played within Charlotte and the surrounding areas.
Classic (U13-U18) – This is the next level of competitive soccer and is for the more advanced soccer player. SGCSA plays its Classic games in Western North Carolina and we have teams who participate in the 2nd division, in the 1st division, and premier (statewide). 
For teams to play in the 1st division or premier level, they must be promoted based on their standing.

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Hello soccer fans! We are the Strikers of Gaston County Soccer Association and we are located in Gaston County, NC where we serve players from the entire area. We are sanctioned by the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association to offer several levels of soccer: Academy, Challenge, and Classic (Division II, Division I, and Premier).

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